Educating. Education and Labour Market Services

The IB supports the sustainable development goal to achieve sustainable and and inclusive quality education for all and recognises, that access to quality education is the key to a sustainable future. Education and qualification are basic preconditions for securing an individual's livelihood, his/ her development and social progress. The IB is a provider of basic, general, vocational and higher education services. Alongside scholastic and vocational education and training, personality development is a major priority in our schools. In accordance with our mission statement we therefore also support pupils in critical developmental phases in IB schools to develop freely, live self-determined lives, integrate into society, take personal responsibility and to actively participate in the development of society. The vocational training measures carried out by the IB are geared towards the labour market. In addition to theoretical instruction, the IB provides training in its own workshops and practical experience on the job in partner companies.

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