Caring. Programmes for Children

The convention demands that every child has the opportunity for a healthy physical, spiritual, moral, emotional and social development that occurs naturally and in freedom and dignity. Living with children is enriching. Many families are faced with the challenge of reconciling family responsibilities and professional demands. The day-care centres of the IB are places where children can meet others and find a social network alongside their family that allows them to independently strive towards the fulfilment of their needs.

The unique child lies at the centre of the learning process. According to its mission statement the IB wants to support children to develop freely, to live a self-determined life, to be integrated into society, to take personal responsibility and to participate actively in the development of society. Basis of this promotion and education of children and for the work in day-care centres are the guidelines for the protection of children and youth and the work in child care centres. Further information can also be found in the publication "Child Day Care Centres of the Internationaler Bund (IB)", a conceptual framework that is addressed to fellow employees in child day care centres and serves as information for parents and other interested parties, as well as for the intenral and external specialist public.


Child Day Care

IB child day care covers the education and care of more than 12.000 children in more than 100 day-care centres such as nurseries, kindergartens, day care, child and family centres as well as in children’s homes. 

Education in the IB childcare centres is characterised by its holistic approach and takes into account the latest research results to design childhood educational processes. We support children in developing their individual skills and in recognising their own development progress so that they can become strong self-confident personalities with social competences. Education and individual support are important requirements for good living and future opportunities. Therefore it is the aim of the IB to establish educational processes for children which challenge and support them. 

Collaboration with Families

Parents are our most important partners. The educational partnership is a trustful collaboration. Parents and families are invited to actively participate in the design of projects in the group and the entire institution. In some places we provide child minders and day fathers who we also promote and educate further in cooperation with Youth Welfare Office in addition to child day-care 

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