Educating. Promotion into Employment

The labour market today is subject to constant change through technological change and economic development. Job descriptions and requirements are subject to continuous adaptation processes. The IB is also actively involved in the European Youth Strategy, with the aim of making young people competitive for the European and international labour market. The IB supports the Europe 2020 Strategy in its goals of poverty reduction and employment promotion. The strategy targets the increase of employment rate of the population from 69% to 75% among other things. The employment of the 20-64 years should be increased to 75% and the proportion of people below the respective national poverty line reduced by 25% through the promotion of education and employment in Europe. In many countries unemployment is a central phenomenon which is linked to a difficult social situation for the affected. In accordance with our mission statement, it is the goal of promotion into employment to support people to develop freely, live self-determined lives, integrate into society, take personal responsibility and to actively participate in the development of society. Quite often private problems are the result of the lack of occupation, because the affected people withdraw from society. The IB provides targeted support to those affected in this phase of life to ensure a continued integration into society and a consequent reintegration into the labour market.


Procurement Activities

Providing suitable and therefore sustainable offers through the comparison of job requirements and the profiles of applicants lies at the centre of the procurement activities of the IB. This is based on regular contacts with stakeholders in the labour market – such as companies, unions or chambers. To achieve this, the IB makes use of its extant organisational network in a region and continuously networks further to find professional employment opportunities. When these opportunities are unfavourable within a regional environment, the national and international labour market is included. An extensive job machine is available at IB Jobs Online. It has access to more than two million vacancies. Here you can also find job postings of other job portals, like the job portal of the unemployment agency, as well those of employers who publish their job vacancies on their websites. Furthermore, the IB job portal has most of the current job postings of the major daily newspapers. Together we will identify your personal strengths and competencies in a profile that will convince potential employers. Since applicants usually need to prevail against strong competitors, the IB also supports them in creating meaningful and current applications and preparing for interviews and other selection and testing procedures.

Publicly Funded Occupation

The IB offers unemployed people job opportunities in non-profit organisations such as child day-care centres, sport clubs, hospitals, museums, social institutions, elderly and nursing homes amongst others. The participants partake in meaningful activity which is paid by an additional expense allowance. They remain in contact with the world of work, practise activities and process workflows, gather theoretical knowledge in further training modules and can qualify for the labour market. The employability of the participants is maintained or renewed. All activities of the IB are aligned to the needs of the job seekers. Job opportunities should promote social integration and increase the chances of placement in the primary labour market. Activities in work opportunities must be charitable and non-profit making. They differ from jobs in the first labour market and do not endanger or replace existing jobs. Employment projects belong to the traditional areas of responsibility of the IB.

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