Educating. Civic Education and Language Institutes

Against the backdrop of globalisation and an ever more closely united Europe, and in the light of an increasingly multi-national and diverse society, strongly opposing currents of extremism, racism and violence has become an even greater challenge. To fight these social ailments, the IB is involved in the European Youth Strategy to promote mobility, intercultural competence and democratic participation of youth, amongst other things. The IB stands for democratic attitudes and behaviours as well as for the acceptance of others. It opposes racism, violence and discrimination. Due to the increasing number of immigrants in Europe and the necessity for international mobility, achieving the goals of political education, as well as work in the areas of tolerance, participation, humanity and solidarity have become highly important topics. The goal of our educational work according to our statutes is to support people in developing freely, living self-determined lives, integrating into society, taking personal responsibility and participating actively in the development of society. Political education is a task which concerns the IB both as an independent field of work and as a cross-sectional task in its educational work because the IB is convinced that democracy has to be learned and internalised in life-long learning.


General Education/ Civic Education

Knowledge of political and social contexts and development is transferred to the participants through events and projects in the area of general education and social education. The examination and judgement of socio-political issues is therefore encouraged. The knowledge and skills which are mediated there should help the participants to find their role in society and to actively participate in the development of society in accordance with our guiding principles. The IB has developed material especially for the target group of vulnerable youth.

Language Training

The IB is very active in the area of language training. Language skills promote the interest in other cultures and improve chances in school, work and society.

The IB promotes intercultural understanding by providing

  • basic and advanced courses for immigrants,
  • special courses for youth, women and illiterates,
  • intensive courses and remedial courses,
  • job-related language courses, and
  • preparation for exams and certificates.

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