Caring. Open Child and Youth Work

The IB’s highest priority in the open child and youth work is the compliance with international guidelines with regards to the protection of children and youth. 

The IB follows the demand of the UN Children’s Rights Convention that every child has the opportunity for a healthy physical, spiritual, moral, emotional and social development that occurs naturally and in freedom and dignity. 

As a performance segment of youth work and welfare services open children and youth work marks a significant area of out-of-school socialization. Its pedagogical, cultural and political assignment and its reference to the social environment provide a great enrichment to leisure time activities for children and youth. It is focussed on children, youth and young adults who want to determine their leisure time creatively and independently. The children, youth and young adults who use the IB’s facilities are in an important phase of their life. Open children and youth work as an informal educational entity exceeds the exclusive transfer of knowledge and information by promoting the achievement of key (personal, social and methodological) competences.

In accordance with our mission statement the goal of the IB is to help children to develop freely, live a self-determined life, integrate into society, to take personal responsibility and actively participate in the development of society. Protection and security of children and youth in care are a matter of course. Legal requirements and regulations form the basis of this work. 

Every institution holds a copy of an action plan to follow in the case of suspected vulnerability in children or youth. Furthermore the guidelines for protection of children and youth apply to all areas of the IB group in its work with children and youth.


Multinational and Multicultural Work Assignments

Open multinational and multicultural work assignments, cultural events as well as fixed group offers, leisure activities and projects bring together children, youth and young adults from different backgrounds. They also counteract possible xenophobia, intolerance and right-wing extremism. Critical thinking, conflict resolution and willingness to voice conflicts, solidarity and possibilities for democratic participation are thus placed at the centre of the open youth work. 

Prevention and Youth Protection

Open children and youth work basically includes preventive approaches related to all areas of life of the participants. These include the prevention of conflicts and violence, the usage of film, television and the internet, information on legal and illegal drugs, on nutrition and physical fitness and mental well-being. Prevention is clearly demonstrated and concretized in the daily life in the institutions and in special projects.

Low-Threshold Life Counselling

Life counselling in open children and youth work is fixed-term low-threshold non- bureaucratic help and support with the purpose of helping to self-help. It follows a resource-based approach, which centres on the respective strengths of the youth. The teaching staff help to clarify, stimulate and support. This includes guidance on expert help available from cooperation partners. The need for support reaches from every day to serious problems that may have an impact on the welfare of the children and young adults.

Gender-Aware Work

Gender-aware work takes into account the different life situations of girls and boys and is focused on the reduction of discrimination and promotion of equality. Single gender open spaces and shelters are provided within the scope of the IB’s girls- and youth work. Female and male identities can be strengthened here and increase self-confidence. Teachers and educators lay great importance on representing emancipated role models.

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