We are looking for talented nurses like you who are passionate about their profession and would like to expand their career by working abroad.

We understand that leaving your home country and your family behind to work as a nurse in a foreign country can be a stressful experience, therefore we at IB make it a priority to make sure that you will feel that all your needs are being addressed and that we will be your reliable partner and guide along every step of the recruitment process. The hospitals, who partner with us, trust us to find talented care givers and adhere to the highest ethical standards of recruitment.

Below you will find categorized information on all aspects of the recruitment process as well as other important information concerning life in Germany. In case you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly:

We aspire for you to view working with IB as an adventure, an exciting opportunity as well as a sound career decision! We look forward to having you and sincerely thank you for choosing to work with IB!

Building Bridges. International Migration Services

In 2011, the IB started to develop the International Migration Services – recruitment of skilled workers abroad – in order to help unemployed young adults from abroad to find a job in Germany. 

Annually, the IB helps around 200 young people into a career in Germany. The IB is offering modular services including language courses, integration services, accommodation and support you to find a job. The well-trained and motivated experts learn German in intensive language courses and live in hotels, host families or in houses or apartments offered by the IB.

Our objective as an organization, during the process of recruitment and placement of candidates in Germany, is to ensure the fulfillment of obligations and rules based on the following principles:

You will be recruited abroad and afterwards qualified for the labor market in Germany. Clients and your future employee, that are looking for experts, are supported by the IB partner organizations abroad, who are in charge of the preselection process. Your recruitment as an expert, e.g. nursing staff in hospitals is implemented by the IB, its partner organizations and the client. 

The companies determine the criteria for the profile in cooperation with the partners in the respective countries. Experts from EU and Non-EU countries are mostly integrated into work. The selection of suitable specialists takes place after a preselection in the home country. IB particularly considers the qualification level of the respective applicants. They should have at least the required technical training, the relevant university degree or the required technical conditions. 

The IB also supports you as young adults from abroad to find an apprenticeship in Germany. Similar to the acquisition of skilled workers abroad, the IB is responsible for accommodation, language qualification, integration and support of the young people. The IB especially focuses on supporting regions with a high unemployment rate to ensure future perspectives for the young adults. Special attention is paid to the minimum qualifications of the candidates. A prerequisite is to have the A-levels (Abitur). The selection of suitable applicants is carried out together with the employer in the respective country. In some cases, funding opportunities are also available, for example, by the employment agency. An examination of the conditions is carried out in advance.





Exemplary Project Steps

Order clarification 4-5 weeks Before selection

Selection Procedure in the country of origin 2-7 days

Time planning within 2-4 confirmation of employment

B1- Language course in in the country of origin approx. 24 weeks* B1 final exam Document Management & Visa Application

Arrival in Germany

B2 course in Germany practical support or block model approx. 10 weeks

B2 Final exam (TELC) **

Practice phase/ work for Recognitions as an assistant nurse 3-12 months

Work with full recognition*** as a nurse.

*B1 –course IB language institute in the country of origin -> to B1 approx. 6 months.

**B2 Final examination (TELC) preparation with qualified teachers, recognized as certified (TELC) examination center

***Application for professional recognition by participants starts in the country of origin and it is completed as soon as the results of the B2 examination are available - the necessary documents are prepared by the participants themselves and with the support of the IB. 


Recruitment in the respective country

The partner organization is providing the following services:

The basis of your selection are the qualifications, which are relevant for the partner organizations in the countries of origin. The partner organizations carry out the pre-selection of candidates. Of course, the companies determine the criteria for your job profiles.  The IB partners also provide their support in the arrangement of all the necessary preparations for your to enter Germany, in case you are successfully selected.


During the integration language course, you will be accommodated and cared well either in one of IBs’ guest houses, hotels, boarding houses or in host families with half-board.


Your shared flats have common rooms, self-catering kitchens, and sanitary facilities. During the language course, the students are provided with breakfast and lunch at our educational center. In the evening, you can your own dinner in the shared kitchen.

Intensive Language Courses

After your arrival and an introductory week, you will complete 4-5 months intensive courses, divided into 400 hours of language course and 30 hours of orientation course. Your language promotion phase ends with a language test at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, (Deutsch-Test fuer Zuwanderer – DTZ). 

Elementary language use

Independent use of language

Competent use of language








Basic knowledge

Fundamental knowledge

Independent use of language

Expert language skills

Almostnative language speaker

Source: www.europaeischer-referenzrahmen.de

Specialized language exam as part of professional licensing:

In some states, a technical language exam is already part of professional license This means that specific situations of everyday nursing care at work are simulated and tested in an examination.

In order to register for a technical language examination, at least the level B2 of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" (CEFR) is required.

Further information can be found in the information brochure in the downloads.

DeuFöV courses are designed to help participants acquire, deepen and consolidate job-related German skills. The aim of the courses is to improve the chances of migrants and people with a migration background in the labor market.

For more information, please contact the Bundesagentur für Migration und Flüchtlinge.

Care and Support

Immediately after your arrival in Germany, during an introductory week all necessary matters and formalities such as registration, opening account, accommodation and etc. are arranged. In addition, during your language qualification phase, if desired also a competent contact person with appropriate language skills in the mother tongue of future specialists is available to assist you.


By integrating socio-cultural elements about the German lifestyle, IB facilitates the arrival of participants and creates the basis for their sustainable integration.


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Consulting hours via phone: Monday to Friday 1 p.m – 3 p.m
Contact person: Verena Schneeweiß, Mehak Khan, Mey Vasquez-Lopez
Phone: +49 69 94545-195


For claims and complaints, we kindly ask you to fill out the claim document and send it to us via e-mail. We will make our best to respond to you within 3 weeks. The claim/complaint document you can find here.

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