Caring. Assisting Senior Citizens

The third and the fourth phases of one’s life following employment and family have age-related characteristics that often can only be mastered with support. Professional social services for senior citizens in need of help or care are therefore important tasks of the IB. These are implemented following its guiding principle and statutes regarding inclusion and empowerment. This means that the IB provides targeted help for self-help: senior citizens are supported in mobilising their own strengths and resources, participating in society and coping independently with everyday life for as long as possible. Thus we want to preserve elderly people from incapacitation. Following its guiding principles of work with senior citizens and care, the IB offers a broad range of services in this area – from assistance and support to care. The primary goal of the IB’s work in care is to give the people entrusted to us new goals and content for their current stage of life and to help them to cope with the changing situation. The human is at the centre of the IB’s thoughts, actions and therefore its work. In accordance with our mission statement we want to support senior citizens to develop freely, live a self-determined life, to integrate into society, to take personal responsibility and to actively participate in the development of society.


Care Provisions

The nursing and home economic services provided by the IB under the care insurance laws cover nursing homes with respite care, day care or mobile aid. 

Mobile aid: Our nursing and home economic professionals provide non-residential care services to elderly people in need of care within their homes.

Nursing homes: In the IB nursing homes residents are taken care of in residential areas. The new residential homes offer nursing and care according to the house community model which is ideal for old people suffering from dementia and is modelled on family life.

Mobile Services and Assisted Living

Assisted living has the aim of enabling elderly people, whether in need of support or care, to stay in their own housing as long as possible and receive help or support through the IB. If they wish, senior citizens are accompanied through daily life by the IB’s qualified personnel in order to achieve a high degree of independence, live securely in their homes and participate in society.

Our mobile services encompass the following product range: personal care and service at home, shopping, repair and home economic services, driving and accompanying service, meals on wheels, and procurement of care equipment, connection and standby of house emergency call systems, access to cultural, educational and leisure and activities. The multi-generational facility is another form of assisted living in which offers of care or child care between generations substitute the decline of the classic extended family.

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