“Good Pedagogy, Good Education!” - Building bridges through early childhood education in Kosovo

Country: Kosovo
Client: GIZ / BMZ
Project duration: 04/22 - 12/23
Overall project value:  271.751 € 

Background of “Good Pedagogy, Good Education!”

There is an increasing shortage of qualified experts and young talent, not only in Germany but worldwide. In many of Germany’s partner countries for international cooperation, there is a mismatch between the demand for experts in some sectors and a surplus in others. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development stresses that regular vocational training and labour migration can promote sustainable development. It enhances qualifications, strengthens the workforce, and encourages cultural diversity and investment. By transferring skills, knowledge and financial resources, it contributes to improving life in the countries of origin.

The project “Good Pedagogy, Good Education!” is funded by the programme “Partnership Approaches for Development-oriented Vocational Training and Labour Migration (PAM)” of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The objective of PAM is that strong partnerships between Germany and selected cooperation countries establish models for vocational training and labour migration. They help to train skilled workers for the future and to make regular migration fair. The project builds transnational partnerships between companies, public authorities, educational institutions and civil society in the cooperation country and in Germany. The partners jointly develop and implement new ideas for fair migration for trainees and skilled workers.

Objectives of “Good Pedagogy, Good Education!”

The aim of the project is to contribute, together with the University of Pristina (Faculty of Education), to ensuring that Kosovar studies in pedagogy and pre-school education meet European standards and that new pedagogical concepts find their way into the day-care centres. The aim is to establish a long-term partnership between the University of Pristina, the IB School for Social Professions and the IB's own day care centres. A dialogue will be created in which a constructive exchange about professional approaches, curricula and pedagogical concepts can take place in order to ultimately contribute to the quality of the programmes. With regard to this cooperation, a firm transnational network is to be established that supports and helps to build up the internationalisation of academic education in Kosovo.

Type of Services Provided

  • Cooperation agreement between the IB School for Social Professions and the University of Pristina and extension to other institutions and universities;
  • Comparison of both curricula and the potential for adapting the curriculum of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences of the University of Pristina;
  • Submission of proposals for the adaptation and expansion of the curriculum including recommendations;
  • Initial needs analysis to identify qualification measures for educators in early childhood, the infrastructure and the legal regulations and recommendations;
  • Exchanging experiences and establishment of cooperation mechanisms;
  • Mutual exchange of experience through study trips by academic staff from the universities in Kosovo, day care centre managers and representatives from IB School for Social Professions and other universities in Berlin Brandenburg have taken place.

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