Technical Assistance for Promoting Registered Employment Through Better Guidance and Inspection (PRE II)

CLIENT: Ministry of Labour and Social Security
PROJECT DURATION: 16.09.2014 – 15.09.2016
OVERALL PROJECT VALUE:  3,184,702.00 €     


Unregistered employment is one of the main challenges in Turkish labour market. The purposes of this contract are: to increase the guidance and inspection capacity of Social Security Institution (SSI) both at central and local level; to increase the policy making capacity of SSI at central level with regards to the promotion of registered employment; to increase the public awareness on the importance of registered employment.

Results to be achieved by the Contractor:

Result 1. Guidance and inspection and employment policy making capacity of SSI as well as knowledge of the relevant stakeholders have been increased in accordance with the new approach;

Result 2. Public awareness on the importance of registered employment has increased;

Result 3. Policy making capacity of the SSI regarding promotion of registered employment has improved.

Type of Services Provided

    • Providing Technical Assistance;
    • Supporting on Policy Making;
    • Capacity building of: Staff of Social Security Institution (mainly inspectors, social security experts, social security controllers and KADİM personnel), relevant institutions and social partners; Workers, unregistered employees and employers especially at the organized industrial zones; Local actors like mukhtars, imams, farmers; Students of primary and secondary schools including vocational education; Accountants, financial consultants and certified public accountants
    • Public awareness and dissemination campaign;
    • Review of policies and regulations related to employment promotion and labour market development, Policy Recommendations on academic level;
    • Establishing an advisory board;
    • Preparation of Sectorial reports.

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