Vocational Training in an External Institution – Cooperative Model

COUNTRY: Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
CLIENT: Regional Employment Agency (REA)
PROJECT DURATION: 18.08.2008 – 17.02.2013
OVERALL PROJECT VALUE:  7,491,898.08 €     


Vocational Training in External Institutions - Cooperative Model (BaE-K) is an active labour market (ALM) measure, and consists of a socio-educational accompanied vocational education programme within the German dual system (according to §241(2) SGBIII). In addition to practical, technical and theoretical skills, the programme promotes general employability skills & personal development.

The main intention of BaE-K is the integration of young people, especially unemployed, into the labour market by the medium of internship in companies with additional support in organising their day-to-day life and in developing their theoretical and practical skills and expertise.


To provide assistance to the Regional Employment Service of North Rhine – Westphalia region in the development of the ALM measure (BaE-K, with the aim to promote employability of young people.

In the frame of the project, IB provided:

  • Technical assistance to the client in relation to management & methodological development, evaluation & advice on labour market needs and trends, BaE-K priorities, actualisation of labour market information instruments;
  • Curriculum development, occupational standards;
  • Organisation of technical vocational trainings in several professional fields;.

Type of Services Provided

  • Technical support to REA on planning &management of the BaE-K measure (budget and strategic planning, quality management according EFQM standards);
  • Continuous development of BaE-K methodologies in close consultation with relevant actors;
  • Advice to REA on market trends and educational priorities;
  • Organisation of TVET and assistance trainings to the target group:
  • Monitoring and updating of labour market information instruments of REA with data on market needs and priorities, outcomes of TVET trainings, transit to employment of the target groups