30 Years of the German-Polish Neighbourhood Treaty and German-Polish Youth Office

IB Polska stands up for marginalised people

The Internationaler Bund (IB) commemorates the signing of the German-Polish Neighbourhood Treaty 30 years ago today and the simultaneous founding of the German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW). On 17 June 1991, the then heads of government Helmut Kohl and Jan Krzysztof Bielecki had signed the corresponding documents.

The IB has had strong ties with Poland for a long time. It runs its own foundation there, IB Polska. It supports people who are excluded, especially in terms of age, origin, place of residence, education or social status. In addition, IB Executive Board Member Karola Becker is involved in the DPJW's Youth Council. Especially in the border region between Germany and Poland, for example in Frankfurt/Oder, the IB organises many direct exchange activities, such as festivals or language courses.

Many Germans know little about the people on the other side of the Oder and Neisse rivers

To mark the anniversary, the German-Polish Civic Forum Kassel is organising an online lecture next week on the topic "Poland in Transition. 30 Years of the German-Polish Neighbourhood Treaty". The date is 24 June, 6 pm.

Thiemo Fojkar, Chairman of the IB Executive Board: "Although the Poles are our neighbours, many Germans know little about them. The IB has made it its task to bring people together on both sides of the Oder and Neisse rivers. In this way they can understand each other better, learn from each other and make friends in the spirit of international understanding."

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