The IB and the German Constitution Celebrate their 70th Anniversary

On 15 November 2019, the IB celebrated the double anniversary of 70 years IB and 70 years German constitution at the IB Carlo Schmid School in Karlsruhe, Germany. The guest of honour, Constitutional Judge Peter Müller, hit the nail on the head: "There couldn't be a more suitable place to talk about the Basic Law". Because Carlo Schmid was not only co-founder of the IB, but also participated intensively in the emergence of the constitution.

In addition to impressive words by IB Baden managing director Doris Lauer on the constitution as the DNA of our society, the guests were given exciting insights into the Federal Constitutional Court, there were clever questions from the pupils' inner circle and the guests were in agreement at the end: "It was nice that they have been around for 70 years - the IB as well as the constitution.

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