Civil Society Must Show a Clear Edge towards Right-wing Extremists and Racists

On 25 November 2020, the Federal Government of Germany discussed a catalog of measures to combat right-wing extremism. Proposed are 89 measures to raise awareness of racism in society and prevent right-wing extremism and racism. In addition, victims are to receive better support. The better integration of people with a migration background is also one of the declared goals. The German Federal Government is to make more than one billion euros available for these goals between 2021 and 2024.

"It is very gratifying that the Federal Government wants to intensify the fight against right-wing extremism and racism," says Thiemo Fojkar, Chairman of the IB Executive Board. "This fight is about defending fundamental rights in Germany and thus also about stabilizing our democracy. In the meantime, he said, democratic structures and processes were repeatedly called into question, up to the point of threatening members of parliament even in the Reichstag building. "Civil society must show a clear edge towards right-wing extremists and racists," said Fojkar. The IB will continue to be directly involved with offers and measures to promote civil society, but will also intensify its involvement in the Charter of Diversity Association and the IB Foundation "Black, Red, Colourful".

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