Education Day: The IB Welcomes Political Activities on Sustainable Development

With the adoption of the Global Sustainability Agenda by the UN General Assembly, the global community has committed to ensuring quality, inclusive and equitable education for people worldwide by 2030. This is commemorated each year on January 24 by International Education Day.

UNESCO coordinates the implementation of this "Global Agenda for Education 2030." With its comprehensive understanding of education, its innovative concepts and its broad network, it makes a significant contribution to improving education worldwide. Strengthening this sector is one of the most important keys to sustainable, global development as well as to equal opportunity participation for all people.

A crucial point in the successful implementation of the goals is the skills development and training of education personnel. Even if the efforts are directed at children and young people, the responsibility for shaping the processes lies with the adults. Only the systematic qualification of personnel in educational institutions can ensure long-term effectiveness.

The approaches of the nman government, which according to the coew Geralition agreement is striving for a new culture in educational cooperation, also fit in with this. Among other things, a coordination office for teacher training is to increase the chance of establishing education for sustainable development as the basis for all educational measures.

"We welcome these political activities, which offer children and young people the opportunity to actively shape the world in addition to their own educational biographies. The IB's educational centers, daycare centers and schools participate in this with many projects and measures. Today, education can only be thought of together with sustainability. This includes learners and teachers. This is not an addition in the sense of "that would be nice too", but can only be understood as a fundamental approach. It does justice to the human right to high-quality education, focuses on the creative competence of those involved and thus promotes participation in the global movement for a future worth living," explains Thiemo Fojkar, Chairman of the IB Executive Board.

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