Establishment of the IB International Education Consulting Co., Ltd. in the People's Republic of China

From left to right: W. Dittmann (Legal Representative), S. Seestaedt (Shareholder), Z. Wou (Assistant), B. Harwardt (Shareholder), M. Zhao (Managing Director), R. Schottdorf (Board of Directors and Shareholder), J. Judek (Supervisor), F. Binder (Advisor), T. Wolff (Board of Directors)

The company, based in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, will offer services of the IB in the fields of education and social development on the Chinese market. In particular, early childhood development, vocational training and higher education with a focus on health and care professions will be at the centre of its activities. Together with various Chinese partners, the IB will develop innovative products for the Chinese market and make them accessible to people in the Sichuan region in accordance with its statutory mandate.

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