How IB Polska Supported Ukrainian Refugees in 2022

One year ago, on 24 February 2022, the war in Ukraine started. These last twelve months were a demanding and difficult time for everyone. The IB Polska has made a great effort as it tried to support as many people as possible who fled the war in Ukraine and sought help and protection in Poland. It takes more than a few words to describe what IB Polska has done for Ukrainian refugees over the past year. So to cut a long story short, here is a little insight into the statistics: 

From February to December 2022, IB Polska and over 11,000 volunteers from around the world were able to support over 174,500 refugees. 

In response to the Ukraine war, IB Polska opened seven stationary warehouses for refugees in Krakow and Tychy. The largest warehouse provided more than 650,000 items of clothing, shoes and underwear to more than 86,000 people. 

58,000 people received more than 600,000 food items, cosmetics and sleeping pills in further warehouses. 

The social pharmacy dispensed essential medicines to 12.000 people. 

During this period, IB Polska also organised several dozen transports to  Ukraine and prepared gift shipments - including about 120 pallets of winter clothes that had previously been washed and sorted.

From February onwards, numerous Polish and English courses were offered for the refugees from Ukraine as well as integration activities. More than 12.000 children benefited from the integration measures last year.

A detailed report of the activities can be downloaded here.

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