IB Krakow Office Celebrates Opening at New Location

Good mood at the inauguration of the new IB office in Krakow, Poland. Photo: private

The IB Polska Foundation’s  office in Krakow has celebrated its opening in a new location. After months of renovation work, the premises of the IB in the second largest Polish city shine in new splendor. The inauguration was attended by representatives of local politics as well as consuls from several countries, including the German consul, Dr. Michael Groß.

In addition, Leila Becker and Kerstin Ewert, members of the Foundation's Board of Directors, represented IB Germany. Maria Wojtacha, Director of the IB Polska Foundation, welcomed the invited guests and guided them through the day. Many representatives of sponsors were also present and received a certificate to thank them for their support. Without the generous and numerous donations, the modernization of the premises would not have been possible.

Goals of the IB have also been pursued with commitment in Poland since 2004

The IB Polska Foundation was established in 2004. Its purpose is to support marginalized people, especially in cases of discrimination based on age, origin, place of residence, education or social status.

To this end, the IB in Poland implements various projects in the areas of volunteer work, social work, education, vocational activation and care for the elderly. Those affected are enabled to act independently and to integrate into their immediate environment. More information is available here.

"We are very pleased with the successful design of the new office in Krakow. Our employees in Poland, whether permanent employees or volunteers, have been pursuing the IB's fundamental goals with commitment and success for many years: helping people to lead self-determined lives," explains Karola Becker, Executive Director of the IB.

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