IB President Petra Merkel: Promoting children's rights must be given more weight worldwide

"Generational justice means global justice" is the title of an open letter that was sent to the Federal Chancellor, the Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development and the other members of the Federal Government on today's 30th anniversary of the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The open letter was signed by, among others, numerous institutions active in the field of child and youth work or development cooperation. One of them is the IB, which works to strengthen the rights of children and young people in its projects both in Germany and in developing and emerging countries.

"The consequences of climate change will be felt above all by those who are still children or young people today. By dealing responsibly with resources, we are protecting their right to a planet worth living on that can still feed the people on it," says IB President Petra Merkel, drawing a bow from children's rights to climate protection. "As a member of VENRO's Working Group on Children's Rights in Development Cooperation, we are committed to ensuring that the promotion of children's and young people's rights is given even more weight in the allocation of state funds," Merkel continued.

In Europe, the IB is one of the large service provider in child promotion and youth work and has developed its child protection guidelines. The IB has published a highly regarded handbook on the protection of children and young people. In the field of development cooperation, the IB is promoting childrenand youth in various countries in Africa, Europe and Asia.

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