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While the German economy is still trying to recover from the pandemic and the consequences of the war in Ukraine, the country is struggling with an alarming shortage of qualified workers - the so-called shortage of skilled workers. As of February 2023, there were 778,000 vacancies reported. Combating the shortage of skilled workers, especially in the health sector, is also a contribution also contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as documented in the latest sustainability report of the German Federal Ministry of Health. The measures to attract skilled workers are a contribution to the implementation of the Sustainability Goal of SDG 3 and 8.

The Internationaler Bund (IB) and also its subsidiary in Turkey, IBETH, among others, recruit Turkish professionals who want to work in Germany. In this context, the company organized interviews with 15 nurses for a German clinic in Istanbul in July 2023. Now IBETH and the IB are preparing nine of these nurses to migrate to Germany and start working in the clinic.

IBETH takes charge of all organizational and administrative procedures in Turkey in the process of recruiting specialists: the initial selection of candidates, the organization of interviews, the document management of the candidates, including the translation of documents up to the visa application and the organization of the departure.

The whole process fulfills the same quality criteria as those implemented in the IB Group in Germany. IBETH follows the principles of the RAL quality seal “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany”, using an ethical, fair and transparent recruitment and integration process. The IB is a member of the quality association (“Gütegemeinschaft”).

One of the candidates wrote the following message to IBETH after participating in the interview:

"Actually, I hadn't really considered the idea of going to Germany for work that specifically. I was rather driven by a general curiosity to go to the IBETH interview. I had imagined the setting to be different and was very surprised to be received so respectfully and in large bright rooms by the German delegation - consisting of hospital management and German colleagues. The hospital directors and nurses were very polite and friendly and answered every question in detail. They had even brought paper for me to take notes on. For me, this little attention was additional proof of a very professional corporate identity. Our interviewers sat opposite of us and were very sympathetic - anxiety and excitement were quickly forgotten, it was a very pleasant atmosphere.

I have already had interviews in many top hospitals in Istanbul. I am a well-educated professional and aware of my value - in this interview I was shown a lot of appreciation and I felt respected as a person. I am convinced that a job that starts well stays well. I thank my colleagues and clinic staff and also the German counseling center for this experience."

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