International Migration Services at the IB Hotel Friedberger Warte

Two successful examples for International Migration Services from Kosovo and Egypt

In October 2018, Mr. Leotrim Ramadani, a young man from Kosovo aimed to migrate to Germany for a vocational eductional training (VET) as specialist in the hotel and restaurant industry. For this reason he was in touch with the IB International Migration Services.

In 2011, the IB started to develop the International Migration Services – recruitment of skilled workers and apprentices abroad – in order to help unemployed young adults to find a vocational training or a job. Annually, the IB helps around 300 young migrants into a career in Germany. Since 2011 more than 3000 people have been conveyed for a job in Germany. 

The IB is offering modular services including language courses, integration services, accommodation and support to jobseekers. The well-trained and motivated experts learn German in intensive language courses and live in hotels, host families or in houses or apartments offered by the IB.

Via a partner in Kosovo, APPK in cooperation with the Internationaler Bund (IB) Leotrim’s dream came true. He successfully completed his vocational educational training in the IB Hotel Friedberger Warte in Frankfurt. He now started an employment at the Amadeus Restaurant in Wiesbaden. We congratulate Leotrim for the step he has taken to come to Germany alone and go through all the obstacles a life in a foreign country and a VET in a foreign language has.
Another successful candidate for a vocational educational training as a cook at the IB Hotel Friedberger Warte, came from Egypt, Mr. Ahmed Helal. He will finish his apprenticeship by the end of the year 2020. We wish him all the best for his further undertakings!

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