Is the Corona Crisis Providing the Promised Impetus for the Start to a New Europe?

Coronavirus, climate change and the economic crisis: "None of these problems can be tackled nationally; for each of them we need coordinated solutions and solidarity," emphasises Dr. Linn Selle, President of the European Movement Germany (EMCDDA). 
In an interview with the German-French Youth Office (DFJW), she talks about European crisis management, the need to strengthen youth policy in Europe and the upcoming German EU Council Presidency.

Her French colleague, the President of the European Movement France, Yves Bertoncini, answered the same interview questions in French as a counterpart to Selle's interview. The full interview (German) can be found here.

The IB has been one of the main partners and promoters of the Franco-German Youth Office since its creation and is also represented on the EMCDDA's Board of Directors, where it is responsible for educational issues.
 "We at the IB are proud that we have been able to make a decisive contribution through the DFJW to international understanding between the formerly hostile peoples and have thus also actively supported the idea of a united Europe in the spirit of our founder Carlo Schmid," says IB Chairman Thiemo Fojkar.

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