New course of studies "social work - integration management" at IB University of Applied Sciences

Initially, a part-time course of study on weekends is planned.  If there is sufficient demand, the university will also offer full-time studies. The responsible accreditation agency has now given the go-ahead for the Berlin Senate Administration to recognise the degree programme under professional law. Both study formats are based on the core curriculum of the German Society for Social Work. They offer a basic study of social work/social pedagogy. In a planned Master's programme, emphasis will then be placed on social management, sustainable social work, international social work or social work with refugees.

There are many reasons to study social work at the IB University of Applied Sciences: Whether it's professional commitment to people in special circumstances who suffer from structural or individual disadvantages; to people who often need social work support because of unjust and discriminatory actions by institutions or individuals. But also in order not to stand idly by and watch the challenges and problems of the future in isolation. The course contents are oriented towards a contemporary, critical and complex view of the situation. This also happens in the sense of a guiding idea of the Internationaler Bund (IB): "To help people to develop in freedom, to shape their own lives, to integrate themselves into society, to assume personal responsibility and to help shape social development".

The part-time Bachelor's programme "Social Work - Integration Management" is aimed in particular at employees of the International Bund who, with the support of their employer, can obtain further qualifications and a Bachelor's degree here.

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