No Temporary Solution for Refugees in Greece

Is Moria the acid test for the cohesion of the European Union?

"The situation in Moria is the peak of the tragedy in dealing with refugees in the European Union", criticizes the IB Chairman Thiemo Fojkar. "Of course, the focus must still be on combating the causes of flight in the countries from which people flee, so that they do not have to take the dangerous path first. But what is happening in Moria is a symbol of the failure of the European Union in migration policy. "We can watch and wait and see what happens or we can actively contribute to solving this problem," IB President Petra Merkel had already noted last week. "But to do nothing is inhuman. We need a European solution", demands the IB Chairman. "Until then the humanitarian offer of the German states is a real help", Fojkar continued. The strict refusal of some EU countries to take in refugees from Moria is in any case a massive shake-up of the EU's basic values and casts doubt on its future viability.
Germany must use its EU Presidency to find a sustainable solution here. This would continue to include the fight against the causes of flight and assistance in the event of humanitarian disasters such as the fire on Lesvos, Fojkar said.

The IB offers its expertise in the reception of refugees and their integration in Europe and also actively supports refugees in the Mediterranean region with vocational training and labor market services.

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