Promotion of Democratic Processes in the Ukraine

The Ukraine has been opening up to the European Union for years and is taking massive action against corruption. The German Government is also actively supporting it in promoting democratic processes. A German delegation with IB representatives and headed by the Federal Government's Special Representative for the Ukraine visited the Ukraine government this week.

The aim of the trip was to support the privatisation of state-owned enterprises in order to improve the living conditions of the people in the country and to remove one cause of corruption in the country. The IB presented to representatives of various ministries the possibilities of providing training for people affected by privatisation through so-called temporary rescue companies and of placing them in other occupational fields. It also became clear that the privatisation process must be accompanied socially if it is to be successful. Otherwise, there is a threat of unrest among the people, which could endanger the path of democratisation. 

The IB's expertise in this area was widely recognised. The IB is willing to support the people in the upcoming change processes in the Ukraine if requested. 

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