Refugee Aid Means Solidarity

International World Refugee Day on 20 June / Development cooperation creates future prospects on the ground

Every year on 20 June, United Nations International Refugee Day commemorates the people who are on the run - according to official estimates, there are currently 70.8 million refugees, and the number is rising. War, violence and human rights violations are forcing more and more people, often at great risk, to leave their homes and seek protection and security far away. They are often taken in by countries and their societies which are themselves dependent on humanitarian aid. This is solidarity in action that cannot be appreciated highly enough.

"We have a moral duty to help these people within the scope of our possibilities. This also includes protecting them from persecution and taking them in with us, also in view of the difficult situation in times of pandemic. However, it is just as important to strengthen development cooperation with countries around the world so that the people on the ground have a perspective in life," said IB Chairman Thiemo Fojkar.

"The IB helps refugees whereever possible. We are proud of this and we particularly condemn any racially motivated attacks on people who seek refuge and help from us. We call on all social groups to make a clear commitment to the importance of civic action - to strengthen civil society," Fojkar continued. For its part, the IB defends itself against racist attacks with a clear commitment to civic engagement and civil society action.

The day of remembrance is a motivation for the IB and all its employees to continue to support refugees and also to implement development projects to improve the situation in the countries of origin.

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