Solutions for Recruiting Skilled Workers Abroad from one Provider

Photo: Internationaler Bund

In addition to high-ranking representatives from business and politics, the Internationaler Bund (IB) was also represented at this year's BVMW Future Day in Berlin on March 13. One of the main topics was the shortage of skilled workers in the country. The IB sees a solution to this in the fair recruitment of foreign skilled workers to Germany, among other things. The IB is already active in various countries through its International Migration Services (IMD). The IMD presented itself with its own information booth.

In his keynote speech, Thiemo Fojkar, Chairman of the Board of the Internationaler Bund, cited qualifications, vocational training, the creation of housing, a welcoming culture and social conditions as key factors for the successful integration of skilled workers when addressing potential skilled workers from abroad. Another important point is the unbureaucratic and rapid recruitment abroad.

The IB's so-called International Migration Services (IMD) focus on helping trained specialists from abroad to come to Germany. In addition to language courses and handling entry formalities such as obtaining visas, it brings trained specialists into regular employment in Germany via skilled worker bridges, among other things.

The current focus is on healthcare professions, education, hotels and gastronomy. The IB is certified with the “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” quality seal by the German Federal Ministry of Health for the recruitment of nursing staff (Gütesiegel "Faire Anwerbung Pflege Deutschland" (

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