The IB Contributes Extensively to the "European Year of Youth 2022"

The IB will participate extensively in the "European Year of Youth 2022". The European Union's Year of Action aims to focus on young people who gave up so much for others during the pandemic. The European Council and the European Parliament have also declared their support for young people. Young people are to be offered new perspectives and opportunities in the course of the ecological and digital transformation planned by the European Union. Furthermore, it is about giving hope, strength and confidence. In particular, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or vulnerable groups should be encouraged to become civically and politically active.

The European Year of Youth goes hand in hand with the implementation of NextGenerationEU, the blueprint for, besides other objectives, more sustainability, digitalisation, equal opportunities and health in Europe. Among other things, the contributions of the Conference on the Future of Europe will serve as inspiration for the content of the coming twelve months. There, people from all over Europe will be able to discuss continental issues and voice their opinions.The IB will be contributing to the European Year of Youth 2022 with a variety of activities.

"Young people are to be a very special focus of the IB's work in the coming year, both in Germany and worldwide," says IB President Petra Merkel. She adds, "The pandemic has been very difficult for young people. They could only see each other to a limited extent, schools were closed and many leisure activities were not possible. Young people should be in the spotlight in 2022 and also be particularly heard by politicians when it comes to the future of the EU.The IB will support the young generation to be heard."


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