The IB Presents the Day Care Centre "Atelier Eastend"

The day care centre is aimed at people with disabilities and/or mental illness who are interested in community and art. It offers participants an extensive range of social and creative employment opportunities. Irrespective of the individual starting situation, different skills can be acquired and developed here. Atelier Eastend regularly take part in exhibitions, district festivals and public events and present the resulting works of art there. 

The Atelier Eastend is a cooperation of the Central Jewish Welfare Office in Germany, the Jewish Community Frankfurt am Main and the IB. The self-image of the three organisations is based on mutual acceptance and self-evident cooperation between people with and without disabilities. Thus, Jewish culture forms a focal point of our creative and social work and is reflected differently in the works of art.

In principle, however, the "Atelier Eastend" is directed at all people interested in art, regardless of their origin or denomination from the Frankfurt area.

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