The Sustainable IB - Sustainable action is a corporate goal

In addition to the social commitment that has distinguished the IB for decades, the ecological orientation of the company is also part of the clearly formulated goal. Resource scarcity, climate change, intergenerational justice and the need for global responsibility are the driving forces behind our activities. Ecologically sustainable action through strategic decisions and concrete action in all business areas and processes of the IB facilities is a matter close to our heart. In a world in which everything is connected to everything, our ecological claim contributes to global responsibility for the environment, people and future generations. This includes environmental and energy management as well as our employees, who help to shape processes and act as multipliers in many measures and projects to bring sustainable action to life and exemplify it.

Since the beginning of 2019, all facilities of the IB have been supplied only with electricity from renewable energy sources.  
So that the IB lights up or the computers work, no more coal is burned or atoms are split. By dispensing with fossil fuels, the IB ensures that around 6700 tonnes of climate-damaging CO2 are blown into the air less every year. The new energy supplier relies on electricity from hydropower, wind and solar energy. The IB e. V. general meeting decided on the IB's sustainable orientation in 2011. With the conversion to green electricity, the IB has now consistently implemented this decision. As an energy consumer, the IB is also sharpening its profile as a company in which sustainability and a sense of responsibility play a major role. 

Have a look at the brochure "Sustainability at the IB" here.

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