UNESCO Report on Adult Education: Access to Quality Education is the Key to a Sustainable Future

The IB provides worldwide access to quality education in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, among others.

Too few adults worldwide have access to education. In nearly one third of 96 countries analysed, less than five percent of adults aged 15 and over participate in education programmes. This is a result of the Unesco World Report on Adult Education. According to the report, Germany is one of the world's leading countries for adult education in terms of quality, financing and participation. "Even though we still have target groups that need better support than before, we are of course in a very good position by international standards," says Thiemo Fojkar, Chairman of the IB Executive Board. "As IB, we support sustainable development both in Germany and worldwide, also in the area of education. Our goal is a sustainable and integrative high-quality education for all, because it is the key to a sustainable future," Fojkar continued. Education and qualification are basic prerequisites for securing the foundations of life, our own development and social progress. 

The IB is a provider of basic, general, university and further education. With its holistic approach, personality development has a high priority in our schools alongside school-based and vocational training. In accordance with our mission statement, we therefore also support pupils in critical development phases at IB schools to develop freely, to live self-determinedly, to integrate themselves into society, to assume personal responsibility and to participate actively in the development of society. The vocational training measures carried out by the IB are geared to the labour market. In addition to theoretical instruction, the IB offers training in its own workshops and practical experience at the workplace in partner companies. The IB also contributes its expertise to development projects in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. With its subsidiaries, the IB also offers its educational services in the People's Republic of China, Georgia, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey.

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