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The IB Launches a New Project in North Macedonia to Promote Youth Employment

"It is important to support our partners in Southeastern Europe to increase youth employment in the country and reduce the gap between skills and labor market needs."


Digital Participation for People in Poverty

The IB demands online access for everyone


The IB Recalls the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948

"Human rights must be defended, worldwide."


The IB Supports the Development of Social Services in Eastern Ukraine

"People in need must not be left alone in Eastern Ukraine.”


Civil Society Must Show a Clear Edge towards Right-wing Extremists and Racists

The German Federal Government is to make more than one billion euros available to raise awareness of and to prevent prevent right-wing extremism and racism in the society.


Today the United Nations Celebrate the World Children's Day

IB on today's United Nations World Children's Day / Remembering the Declaration of the Rights of the Child 61 years ago


82 Years after the Night of Broken Glass, anti-Semitism in Germany is still not History

Unspeakable horrors have shown where intolerance and racism can lead


Stronger Networking of the IB with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Abroad

Exchange of ideas on how to strengthen the networking of the two organizations at their joint locations abroad


The IB is Successfully Saving CO2 Emmissions

The IB as well as 32 partner organizations and municipalities save more than 12,600 tons CO2 in the Rhine Main area


International Migration Services at the IB Hotel Friedberger Warte

Two successful examples for International Migration Services from Kosovo and Egypt


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