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Promotion of Female Carpenters in Rwanda

With its proWOOD project, the Internationaler Bund (IB) promotes the wood sector in Rwanda and focuses specifically on female carpenters. In March 2023 the "Carpentress Club" was launched - a special exchange format which appeals to girls and young women who are interested in the carpentry profession


International Migration Services: Strengthening Relations with Colombia

For the past three years, the Internationaler Bund (IB) and its International Migration Services (IMS) have been working hand in hand with the Alexander von Humboldt Cultural Institute in Medellin, Colombia.

Our joint project involves teaching the German language using a so-called hybrid system, in which participants initially take part in the…


IB Turkey:" Broadening Perspectives on Labor Migration"

IB Turkey provides services to various professional groups in the fields of education, employment and International Migration Services to promote social development and employment, and implements sustainable projects since its foundation in 2006.

Eda Nur Karsel has been the managing director of IB Turkey since 2021. She has been working for the…


Internship in Andalusia with Erasmus+

Learning to Be More Independent



International Cooperation Budget to Be Cut Again by One Billion Euros

The German government is putting security, partnerships and sustainable development under pressure


20 Years of IB Polska

The Foundation IB Poland is celebrating the 20iest anniversary in the city of Krakow, Poland. Certainly a moving occacion!


"The Founding of IB Polska was an Important and a Right Political Decision"

Silvia Schott has been on the Board of Trustees of IB Polska since 2016. In this interview, she talks about the background to the establishment of the foundation, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this May.


IB's Foreign Subsidiaries: “The Tasks differ enormously from Country to Country”

Head of Division Leila Becker explains in an interview what exactly the activities of the Internationaler Bund´s (IB) Global Subsidiaries are.


Adult Education in Morocco

Altazir project ends while the results continue


German-Polish Cooperation

Organizations Call for More Money for Youth Exchanges


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