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"The United Nations is the most important international association in human history"

The IB congratulates on its 75th birthday / Support for the 17 goals for sustainable development


Inclusion and Education: For All Means for All

UNESCO World Education Report published / Thiemo Fojkar: "The pandemic relentlessly exposes inequalities


Refugee Aid Means Solidarity

International World Refugee Day on 20 June / Development cooperation creates future prospects on the ground


The Sustainable IB - Sustainable action is a corporate goal

In addition to the social commitment that has distinguished the IB for decades, the ecological orientation of the company is also part of the clearly…


No Space for Hostility against People who are Gay, Lesbian or Transsexual

The IB Chairman on the International Day against Homo-, Bi-, Inter- and Transphobia


Immediate Help Needed for Exchange Organisations and Educational Institutions

Providers demand fast and unbureaucratic help during the Corona Crisis


Is the Corona Crisis Providing the Promised Impetus for the Start to a New Europe?

Interview of the German-Franco Youth Office (DFJW) with the President of the European Movement Germany



We must Shape a Sustainable Future Together - in Germany and Worldwide

Top-level talks between the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Internationaler Bund (IB)


Launch of the German-French Citizens' Fund

Now more than ever! Germany and France show that they stand together.


Working in the Corona- Crisis: Mental Burdens for Employees during the Pandemic

The IB subsidiary, University of Applied Managment Studies (HdWM), conducted a new study how the changes in the work situation have an impact on the…


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